Online Educational Networking Platforms

With the whole initiative driven by the recently registered Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Federation (SMEF), whose members comprise of secondary school teachers, university lecturers, national science/maths student organisations, the private sector, relevant public sector entities including the Central Science & Maths Inspectorate in the Ministry of Education, the National Curriculum Development Centre, the Department of Science and Technology and Agricultural Research, Lesotho Commission for UNESCO, and a regional science & mathematics research organisation.

SMEF promotes horizontal dialogue, i.e. interactions among teachers and interactions among students at the secondary school level. It also promotes vertical dialogue between teachers at secondary and teachers at tertiary level. Currently SMEF together with ThakaKhoali – which is powered by Cabana Solutions, help in enhancing the quality of science and mathematics education at secondary school and narrow the academic “gap” between secondary and tertiary level through promotion of dialogue and interaction. This “gap” is currently a serious concern of education officials in SADC.

It is this composition of the stakeholders in mathematics and science that makes the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week discussions within the ThakaKhoali Platforms to be the best Interactive Platforms in Lesotho – where the students will get 24/7 interactive platform that consist of other students within the country, senior Education Inspectors such as Inspector-Science, Mathematics etc. advisors within the Ministry of Education, Lecturers within the two teacher training institutions being NUL and LCE, Lesotho Science and Mathematics’ Teachers Association members who are current teachers at various secondary schools in Lesotho – making their discussions under the view of experts hence being able to be guided by the best Educators as they interact on our platforms.

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