Mobile and Online/Virtual Science Laboratory

Most schools in Lesotho lack Science Laboratory infrastructure and the few that has such an infrastructure it is without proper set of apparatus for teachers to perform experiments to learners as well as learners being able to perform experiments on their own – the Mobile and Online/Virtual Science Laboratory Project, which is a component of the ThakaKhoali Model package for all students in Lesotho to perform experiments, physically on the Mobile Lab and virtually of the ThakaKhoali-PhET Interactive Simulations, to be made part of the ThakaKhoali Edu App appearing as one of the tools with the Digital Library Tool. Students will always have twice a month Mobile Lab visits for physical experiments as well as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week virtual experiments performing in the palm of their hand via cellphones that has uploaded ThakaKhoali-PhET Interactive Simulations – making the science lab not depended on location.

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