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Africa Code Week

 “Coding is a new language. Every Child needs to be fluent.”

Africa Code Week will be celebrated on 18th to 25th October, 2017. The training which is anticipated to be across 30 African countries is on programming software called SCRATCH developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Africa Code Week initiative aims at promoting computer programming for kids aged 8 – 16 from grades 3 to high school using a programme. The slogan of the initiative is “Coding is a new language. Every child needs to be fluent.”

The training will be conducted by the team from the Cape Town Science Centre, also responsible for coordinating ACW 2017. As each training session can only take 40 people, and the target is to train 150 trainers. There will be 4 consecutive sessions each taking 90 minutes per session. The trained teachers themselves will also be expected to train others, so that during the ACW week there will be enough trainers for as many learners as possible. The main focus for ACW TOT Northern Lesotho is provide intensive Web Development with a little of Scratch 02.

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