About Us

Thaka-Khoali is the project which was started with the initiative to  support education.

ThakaKhoali addresses the efficacy of a Living Lab Approach to improving the quality of the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at secondary school level as well as student outcomes in Lesotho. It is a nation-wide initiative is under implementation in Lesotho since 2009, with the objective of promoting interaction amongst learners and teachers of mathematics and science in secondary schools. This creates an open platform upon which learners, educators, researchers, policy makers, and the private sector co-create value by enhancing the quality of science and maths education, and helping the youth to choose careers. The project was motivated by the need to promote a learner-centred approach and exploit the cultural practice whereby a learner is charged with responsibility to help others. The project uses 3G/4G technologies together with the Internet, social networks and educational software.

Learner achievement in secondary school science and mathematics in Lesotho has been dismally low for many years, as shown by school leaving examination results published annually by the Examinations Council of Lesotho. According to Trends on International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS 2011), there are many factors which influence students’ achievement in mathematics and science world-wide. These include, inter alia, working conditions and facilities at school as well as instructional materials such as books and technological support, teacher preparation, student’s attitude towards the subjects, engaging instruction, teacher’s emphasis on science investigations, early start such as pre-primary education, and availability of home resources.